Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beta day

Still testing positive on HPTs. Like, on 15 of them. Yes, I've done 15 HPTs since Saturday. I keep thinking that I'll wake up and get a negative and it will be all over. But so far lines have just gotten darker and results have popped up faster. Truth be told, I'm feeling a little smug about all of the those positive tests. I may or may not have them all lined up in the bathroom vanity--like little pee covered trophies.

Waiting for beta results now, and my stomach is twisted in knots. What is a good number? I don't even know. Over 50? Over 100? Over 500?

And to spice up the situation a bit, I leave tomorrow for a business trip to Chicago, and from there go to Ohio to spend Easter with the in-laws. There are a number of reasons that this trip sucks, not the least of which is the in-law visit. But if the results are good today, then I won't be able to do a follow up beta until next Tuesday. Which is a long time to wait to see if levels are doubling. Also, although I know there is no medical reason not to fly, I am still irrationally scared that I'm going to do something stupid to shoot this all to hell. I really just want to lie on the couch for the next 12 weeks and gestate.

Unfortunately, I still have a job and I still have a life.

But right now I'm just waiting for that phone call.


JenderBender said...

Hi There!
Just wanted to say Good Luck with your Beta today, hard waiting isn't it?
I'll be checking back on you to see how things turn out, I hope for the best! :)

Best wishes...Jen

Lady Disdain said...

You're so sweet! Thanks.

Eefje said...

From the other side of the world, The Netherlands, congrats to you! I'm about to start my #3 in a few days and I decided to get the same result as you did! Well done, and indeed: stay on the sofa for an other 40 weeks..

Regards, Eefje

Lady Disdain said...

One of my best friends is marrying a man from the Netherlands next week! Good luck with IVF#3!